Oct 042003

I’ve read a lot of interesting things already this morning. Limbaugh denies being part of any investigation, (but notice he didn’t deny any drug use), Roy got mauled by a Tiger, President Bush writes shitty poetry (Krystalle my love…if I ever write you a poem that starts with “Roses Are Red/Violets Are Blue” and don’t have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, please feel free to dump my ass. For that matter, do it if I ever refer to you as my “lump in the bed” too. That Georgie…he’s one romantic fella)..Yeah, it’s been an interesting news day.

But I have to admit that the most amusing/stupid thing I’ve read this morning was in a Talkback on Ain’t It Cool News about Jack Black from Tenacious D. It reads, and I quote, “Jack Black in BLENDER admits that the ‘greatest band ever’ thing is bullshit
Comment: He says, I’m paraphrasing, that “if you start to say it enough, people will start believe it”. I mean, its funny because their tunes are so badly ‘epic’ but there’s a point where ‘THE GREATEST THING EVER’ bit becomes a little lame.”



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