Aug 032003

You know, I really shouldn’t have access to entire blocks of cheese.

Hello, constipation! I imagine I’ll be meeting you in a few hours.

I haven’t had much of a mind to write recently. Not exactly sure why. Must be in just a journaling down period at the time.

I finally got to see netgoth again on Friday night, along with all of my Jacksonville peeps out at Fuel. There are pictures floating around out there somewhere. If I am sent copies I will put them up on my site.

You know how it’s the little things that make you realize how much you’re into someone? I noticed a big one when we were out at fuel. I kissed Krys at one point, and it was suddenly like nobody else existed. She was the sole focus of my existence for the length of that kiss. I didn’t hear or see anything but her. She was, at that very moment, the center of my universe.

That happens in private often, but when it happens out in public – That’s amazing.

I got to meet several of her friends, and seem to be making a decent impression so far.

I got to wake up with her in my arms.

That was the best part of the whole trip.

The drive home, however, sucked.

Leaving was painful, as they always are in the distance relationship scenario. My last site of her was as she pulled past me on Interstate 295 and headed towards work. She flashed a sign at me that she had taught me earlier that day. I smiled, and then I got stuck in traffic.

Yes, right there at the on ramp to Interstate 95 I hit bumper to bumper traffic. I stayed in it until I got past Orlando.

I spent the majority of the trip doing 10-20 miles per hour. It took me 8 hours to get home. I was supposed to pick up Alex and the boys, and didn’t get there until almost 10. There was a party at my house last night that started two hours before I got home.

That was a bunch of holy horse crap.

I’d do it again, though. It was worth it to have an evening with Krys.

Yes, my friends, I am deeply and completely wrapped up in her, and I’m thrilled about it.

Oh, there are more pictures up in the Gen Con gallery. hel_ana uploaded the pics she took while she was there.

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