Jul 242003

Ok, time for the first of what will probably be many updates about my and ‘s travels to Gen Con 2003 in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you have no interest in hearing about this journey, I highly recommend that you skip reading my journal for the next few days.

We are currently sitting in the food court of airside A at Tampa International Airport. I have just had the “pleasure” of watching Mr. Winn devour a Cinnabon. Ahhh, nothing like the sheer joy of a man and his sugar frosted baked delight. Fortunately he excused himself to wash his hands, so I’m not going to have to deal with sticky hands for the reaminder of the trip.

Not that I should have to worry about his sticky hands or anything, but you never know. We’ve got a pretty long layover in New Orleans.

The coffee here is extremely hot. Too hot. I shouldn’t have to wait to enjoy my caffeine.

Believe it or not, I’m actually going to make an effort no to go too incredibly insane in the whole POINTS arena over the weekend. I’ve had a pretty good week so far. In fact, it was great up until last night. I got stressed out trying to get everything done, and started to binge eat as a result. I knew I should have thrown that fried chicken away. Oh well. One day does not override six.

This is going to be my first experience flying on Southwest Airlines, and I’m really looking forward to it. From what I hear, they are a great company. Will be nice to see if that’s actually true.

Oh! I’m writing this on my laptop. It looks like the laptop is running smoothly again. I got the operating system and all of the necessary software for the trip installed last night, and didn’t encounter one blue screen of death. I did have a problem with the road runner dial up access software, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because their software sucks wind. I went ahead and installed America Online, because I have a screen name through them with my sister’s account. What the hell? As long as it works.

On the romantic front…

I continue to be more and more enamored of netgoth. My days are starting to become measured in the minutes that stretch between hearing her voice or getting some kind of text message from her. We’re trying to go slow, really we are. I promise.

But damn.

Heh…funny thing….and part of that whole small world routine that my life is in recently. I went through her memories last night, and she had some links a photo page on her web site. There were pictures of sketch_says and green_muse from about two weeks after I met them.

Ok. Enough with the rambling. I’ll write more when I actually have something to say.

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