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Why only the first part?

1.) What online presences do you have? (websites, LJ/blog, games you play, etc)

http://www.neonsamurai.com (only a place holder for now)
http://www.geek-spotting.com (nothing there yet)

I have a character on both the Erolissi Marr (30 Rogue) and Fennin Ro (11 Bard) servers in Everquest. Both named Critus.

I used to hang out quite a bit on the Bad Girl Swirl. I’m still one of the top posters of all time. What can I say? I like to talk.

My live journal, which you are currently reading so it seems fairly silly for me to post the url here.

AIM – Critus42
ICQ – 4313933
MSN – critus42@hotmail.com
Yahoo – Critus42

Ghost writer for Igor of the Red Elvises on his Ask Igor page. I’m also the voice of the third chick on his home page.

Websites I have worked on :


2.) How would you describe yourself if you were having to tell someone who’d never met you about you?

Bald. Great eyes. Witty. Smart. Silly. Fun.

2a.) How would your friends describe you to someone you didn’t know – if you were out of earshot?

“I love him, but I wish he’d get his shit together.”

3.) Name 5 things you’d really like to do today if money or time was not an issue.

Ok, so we are talking today, right? This isn’t a rest of my life deal. Just one day where money isn’t an issue.

  • I’d pay off all my debts.
  • I’d hire someone to do some major renovations to my house and pay for it all up front.
  • I’d get all my friends and loved ones out of debt.
  • I’d set up college and trust funds for all the children in my life.
  • I’d drive to St.Augustine and spend the evening with netgoth, take her out for a really nice dinner, and then show her the bed and breakfast I purchased for her earlier that day.

Alright, so the main gist is that I’d spend the whole day writing checks. Sure, the day where money wasn’t an issue wouldn’t be one completely full of hedonistic joys, but the ones that followed would be much nicer.

4.) Name 5 items you’d really like to get as gifts.

  • My Amazon Wish List
  • This coffee maker
  • Tickets to see Les Miz, The Producers, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Urinetown at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center next season.
  • Two words – Bowling Shirts.
  • Gift certificates to Barnes and Noble

4a.) Now name 5 things you’d really like to get as gifts that your friends can actually afford… *g*

oh…I pretty much did. Hrm. Ok…well….Five more..

  • The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Role Playing Game core Rules
  • The Army of Darkness Role Playing Game core rules
  • The Star Trek Role Playing Game core rules
  • A 4x AGP 128MB Video Card
  • A full length leather trench coat

5.) What’s your dream job?

I’ve pretty much got it.

Ok, not entirely true. It’s not what I would have dreamed of when I was a kid, but it’s what I’ve been looking for here locally.

Dream job would be making a living as a professional actor, preferrably with a company that I helped found.

6.) What are your pet peeves in the Kitchen?

Telling me how to cook. If you want to cook, that’s fine. If you want to help, that’s fine. But if I’m doing something and you tell me it’s wrong or that I should be doing it differently, I’m going to get bent out of shape.

And leaving dishes for more than a day.

6a.) …In the Bathroom?

Leaving hair in the drain for me to clean.

6b.) …In the Living room?

Empty coke cans/food wrappers left around.

6c.) …In the Bedroom?

Not making the bed in the morning.

6d.) …On dates?

Breaking the bodily function comfort zone on the first date.

6e.) …While hanging out with friends?

Having the entire group chastise me.

7.) What’s your favorite thing to do to relax?

Currently? Play Everquest.

8.) Do you recycle?


9.) What are your top 5 strangest quirks/mannerisms?

  • I freak when people adjust my rear view mirror from the passenger seat.
  • I don’t like it when set plans are changed. I have no problem with spontaniety, but if something is set in stone I want it to stay that way.
  • I don’t bend the spines of my books.
  • I sing. A lot.
  • I take great comfort in being breaking the surface of a fresh pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and freak if someone does it before me (if it’s MY pint).

9a.) Now, what would your friends say are your top 5 strangest quirks/mannerisms?

You know…I honestly can’t think of an answer to this. I think all of my friends have pretty much accepted that I’m a bit on the odd side.

10.) What are the top 5 things you collect?

  • DVD’s
  • Books
  • CD’s
  • Comics
  • Geek Toys

11.) Of all your exes, what’s the #1 thing that you think they had in common that attracted you?

There isn’t one.

12.) What’s on your nightstand (next to your side of the bed) right now?

Lamp. Alarm clock. Phone. Letter from Arnora that came with the book on communication she sent me. Box of tissues.

13.) What are your top 5 worst habits that really annoy other people?

  • I have a loud laugh that grates some people the wrong way.
  • I often speak before I think.
  • I adjust myself often.
  • I smoke.
  • My car is always trashed.

14.) What’s your viewpoint on kids?

Always said I wanted to have a little girl, but at this point I’m content with what I have.

15.) Tell us about your best date ever:

As far as an actual date is concerned, it was my night with netgoth just a few weeks ago. And NO, it’s NOT because I’m seeing her now. It was just, truly, a perfect “date.” I wrote about it here not too long ago.

16.) Tell us about your worst date ever:

You know the previously mentioned pet peeve about bodily functions on the first date? I think that sums it all up.

17.) Now tell us what your dream date would entail:

What is coming to mind right now is dinner on a patio overlooking Puget Sound in the late summer/early fall with a glass of red wine and a jazz band playing in the background.

18.) Your sig. other decides to take you on a vacation – where do you want to go, and do while you’re there?

Seattle or New York.

I just want to experience them. Don’t have to have a plan. Just be in those cities.

19.) What would be your ideal pet? (or do you already have pets, if so, tell us about them.)

I have two cats – Angel and Peepers (they were supposed to be named T’Pau and Savvik, but Alex made me keep the names he gave them).

20.) What’s your astrological sign?


21.) What’s your Chinese Zodiac sign? (the ones they put on the placemats in cheap chinese restaurants)


22.) What are your worst habits in the Kitchen?

I defrost food by leaving it on the counter.

22a.) …In the Bathroom?

Not cleaning the counters enough.

22b.) …In the Living room?

Putting my feet on the coffee table.

22c.) …In the Bedroom?

Not closing the closet door.

22d.) …On dates?

Saying too much too soon.

22e.) …While hanging out with friends?

Saying too little too late.

23.) If you could live in any part of the world, where would you live, and why?

Seattle or New York.

24.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Out of debt, in a relationship, and at my goal weight.

25.) If you could ask anyone, any one question, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Jesus : “Wel
l, is this what you had in mind??”

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