Jul 192003

My most heartfelt apologies to all of you who I slighted this evening, particularly jiltos and depotmode.

I simply quit.

The mental and physical exhaustion that I have been fighting for weeks now has finally caught up to me. I came home last night, ate a quick meal, and went to bed at 6:30. I had every intention of trying to get up to go dancing, and actually got out of bed around 3 AM. At this time, noticing that my cellular phone is decidedly void of messages, I reboot it. I am then inundated with a good 20 or so text messages.

I have decided that I am no longer using AIM on my phone. It screws things up too badly.

So anyway…for oversleeping…for not getting messages that were being sent until well after the fact…I apologize, and hope you can forgive the fact that I have just pushed myself too hard recently, and had to pay the price for it tonight.

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