Jul 182003

I am absolutely and completely stuffed.

For the third day in a row I have had lunch purchased for me here at work. On Wednesday and Thursday we went to this nifty little place called the Brunchery. Had quiche and spinach salad on wednesday, and a turkey sandwich with cheddar on a croissant with a spinach salad yesterday. Today the head of the I.T. department bought everyone mexican food. Had some vegetable fajitas with refried beans and rice. That was about the best thing I could find, points wise, on the menu. I avoided getting into the tortilla chips, and I didn’t order anything with cheese and meat. There WAS sour cream and guacamole for my fajita toppings. Oh well. Can’t be perfect in everything.

Lots and lots of food. I ordered the lunch portion. I can’t imagine how much the dinner size is. I feel slightly nauseous.

The light headed sensations continue. Almost fell in the hall last night, and have been swimmy on and off all morning. If I don’t start feeling better I may back out of The Castle tonight. I hate to do it to you two weeks in a row, depotmode, but I’m not really sure how well loud music, dancing and huge clouds of cigarette smoke are going to mesh with me feeling all stupid. I have passed out there once before. I really don’t want to do it again.

Announcing the first ever Critus.com contest!

Ok, so first of all I can’t take credit for this idea. Emotion Eric thought of it first, and I’m stealing it.

I’m having a “Decorate My Desk” contest.

My probationary period is up in two weeks here. To celebrate, I want to totally deck out my workstation, but I don’t want to do all of that hard work myself. So I’m turning to you, faithful readers. Send (or give) me something nifty to put around my work station. There are a few rules to this contest, however :

1) Noting obscene or in any other way inappropriate for display in a credit union.
2) Don’t send anything too valuable. As of August 5th, I’m going to be working from home 3 days a week. Not much point in putting expensive stuff here.

The winner, chosen by yours truly, will recieve his or her very own Geekspotting T-Shirt!

Ok, so maybe this is a totally lame idea. I just can’t think of anything cool to put on my desk.

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