Jul 082003



Link ganked from donwaughesq

Michael McGreevy is mysterious and enigmatic; deep, perceptive, powerful, passionate and terribly, terribly sexy! The sentence above must be true because Michael is a Scorpio and Scorpios as we all know are infamous for their interest in… well now, here’s a funny thing. Despite what they say, Scorpios are not actually quite as wild and wicked as they are painted. Michael has, it must be said, a very hypnotic appeal but what’s truly mesmerising about Michael is not his pout but his perspicacity. Michael has an uncanny, almost spooky to see right through you. He can make you feel naked and exposed just by casting one meaningful glance in your direction. What he is looking at though, when he peers below the surface, is not your underwear but your underlying intention! “Where are you coming from? What are you up to? Can you be trusted? Are you going to tell the truth?” These are the questions that Michael subconsciously fires out as soon as he sees you. His inner radar never fails to provide him with the right answer. He is sensitive beyond measure, and it is partly to protect his own sensitivity that he scrutinises people so thoroughly.
There is another reason why Michael McGreevy is so keen to see into your soul: he needs to know how sensitive you are. He knows from long, bitter experience that not many people can take the kind of candour that he cannot help but dispense. Michael is not a person to mince his words, hold back his opinions or shy away from taboo topics. He doesn’t want to cause offence, nor does he want to waste his time, so he picks his confidantes carefully. All of which brings us back to where we began. If you are sensitive enough to appreciate Michael’s special qualities you will consider that there is something exceptionally sexy about him and he will feel the same way about you. So perhaps Michael McGreevy is living proof that it is true what they say about Scorpios after all.

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