Jul 062003

And now, the update that isn’t a gut wrenching exploration of my past.

I want a bike. I really want a bike today. I’m going to be joining the Silver Age Sentinels at Sam’s house again today, and I would love to be able to bike over there. It’s perfect biking distance. A bit far for walking, especially considering the fact that me and the sun aren’t so compatible anymore.

I really want to get out and do some exercise. Even if just a little. I think I’ll see if Lu wants to go for a walk after I get off the phone tonight.

My self-inflicted financial situation is getting very frustrating. I know I bitch about it here a lot, but it’s really making me crazy. I am making more money than I have ever made in my life, and yet my paychecks are gone before payday is over. It’s insane.

It will pass. I know. I will get caught up. Sooner than later, to be honest. Once January rolls around, and all the vacations have passed, and Christmas is over…Things will be significantly better. I’ll be able to save a little money. To put extra money on the credit cards and watch those numbers go down.

To get ahead.

Such a foreign concept.

Oh, for those of you who are Everquest players, I’ve got a new character on the Fennin Ro server. I’ll be splitting my time between that and Erollisi Marr. In fact, it’s likely I’ll be there most of the time. netgoth plays on that server, and past experience has proven that as messed up as it sounds, it’s a fun way to spend time with someone who isn’t geographically close to you.

GAH. I think I ruined a ten dollar piece of salmon. I took it out of the freezer and put it in some hot water to defrost. Son of a bitch started to poach.


It’s all falling apart and mushy now.

So I threw some teriyaki sauce on it and threw it in the oven. We’ll see what happens.

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