May 282003

There is this thing…It’s callled the outdoors. Apparently some people go there on occasion. It’s got plants and animals and stuff in it.

I went for a walk earlier. I got out of rehearsal early, and I decided I didn’t want to spend my evening stuck in front of a computer. I had to take my laptop over to my sisters house so that a Dell technician could come and fix it in the morning anyway, so I figured I’d make that part of the trip. After I dropped it off, I kept walking, and 2.5 miles later I ended up at Barnes and Noble. Now afer walking for 2.5 miles to get there, I figured I was allowed to spend a few bucks. So I purchased and Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novel (Circus of the Damned) and a clearance Star Trek novel (I, Q by John De Lancie and Peter David). Finished up at the store and walked back home.

As we speak, I am very sore, but I feel wonderful. I haven’t walked in ages.

Got a speeding ticket today. I was going 70 on the approach to the Gandy Bridge, and the cop got me dead to rights. So there goes $120.

This should be a long and deep entry, as my postings have been infrequent, but I seem to be written out.

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