May 232003

For some reason I’ve found that my early morning entries have a tendency to take on a very somber tone. I wonder why that is? Is it the quiet of pre-dawn, or is it because it takes me a while in the morning to put on my happy face? Is it only because I haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet?

I think perhaps that is it.

Regardless, I’m feeling like one of those long and kind of depressing posts may well be in order.

Last night The Doors were playing at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. Or, I should say, two members of the original band were there along with Ian Astbury from The Cult. I found this out shortly after I got to the center for last night’s Cloud 9 rehearsal. Instead of walking through the arts center like I normally do, I walked around the buliding so that I could finish my cigarette and not interrupt my conversation with jiltos. Oddly enough, there was a table from Thunder 103.5 in front of the Jaeb Theater (we were rehearsaing in the lobby there that night), blaring classic rock through a set of huge portable speakers. Then I noticed Summer putting notices up on the doors to the theater about our rehearsal being in progress. I went up to read the “FAQ” that was on the sign, and my jaw about hit the floor.

“Summer, does this say THE DOORS are playing here tonight?”

Sure as shit, they were.

I rememberd hearing about the concert, but hadn’t realized it was tonight or that I was going to be in the building with them. And have access to the backstage area.

So, still on the phone with Jilt, I walked behind the main stage where The Doors were practicing, and as I stood there I heard the sounds of Spanish Caravan echoing throughout the cavernous work shop.

It gave me chills.

Later that evening, when I was leaving, they were playing Light My Fire.

I could have stuck around to listen to more music, or even tried to find a way to meet them. It’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility. It was late enough, though, and I really wanted to get home.

But I heard The Doors playing…live.

Well maybe this won’t be such a grim post after all.

So tonight I celebrate my first paycheck from my new job. I’m going out with a large group of my friends for some Thai food and dancing. Food and dancing. Two of the finer thigns in life. I’m also very excited to be finally meeting miss_nightshade, especially since she has gratefully accepted my offer to be her escort for the evening.

The hour approaches six, and I must away to prepare myself to face the trials and tribulations of my day. I bid thee good day, my friends. Huzzah!!

(Jebus…where did THAT come from?? Get out of my head, much_ado!!!)

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