May 142003

My fingers itch.

Ok, so this isn’t tme most earth shattering news, but it’s pretty damned stressfull to me. I have this kind of excema something or other thing going on with my fingers. I got it pretty bad one of them during the production of Maxwell, and now it appears as though my decision to do another Jobsite show has led for another breakout. This one is on my thumb, right hand. I also have a small spot forming on the index finger (same hand) that was affected last year.

These outbreaks are unsightly, and generally a minor inconvenience. On occcasion, however, the skin will split as a result of the dryness that is caused as a result, and that has happened on my thumb.

It’s basically a paper cut.

In other words, it hurts like hell. Especially considering that I use my hands to work all day long.

Whee. Now that was sexy, wasn’t it kids?

I got my last paycheck from my previous employer today. Of course, it was screwed up. I had to argue with them last time that they were planning on taking too much money out of the last check in April for insurance, as it was the third payment in a month and acutally put me ahead of the yearly insurance cost game. It took me a good hour to convince the “accountant” there of this fact. Mind you, I came very close to switching my major to accounting at one point. The numbers were damned obvious to me, but he was being very pig headed about it. I figured my payment should be about eighty dollars off of the normal amount.

Once he realized that I was right, he just said he’d cut the payment in half an only charge me $105.

Ok. Not what I asked for, but I’m not complaining.

Well apparently ADP decided to take ANOTHER $105 out of today’s paycheck (which should have had no insurance payments on it).

So the accountant guy tells me I have two options. I can wait for another check on Friday, or I can get the $105 in two weeks.

I wrote a check for groceries at Super Wal-Mart last night, so the “waiting until Friday” option was unacceptable. So was waiting another two weeks for money that was mine.

Don’t mess with my money, people. I get cranky.

Needless to say, I got two checks today.

I’m currently waiting to hear from ross_winn to see if I’m going to be able to go see The Matrix Reloaded with the crew tonight. I didn’t think I’d be able to, so I didn’t have them get me a ticket, but it turns out that I’m going to be done with rehearsals around 8:00 tonight (in fact, I’m there so little that I am acutally sitting in the library near where we are rehearsaing using the internet enabled computers there to make this post). donwaughesq had to decline his invite, but Ross already offered the ticket to his daughter Whitney. I guess he still hasn’t been able to find her to see if she wants to go.

So I wait…with baited breath…

Even though I’ve heard several bad reviews of this movie so far.


As much as it sounds like bragging (and maybe to some extent it is) I need to rave about my job again. Both yesterday AND today my boss, in a fit of boredom, came and sat at my desk. We proceeded to talk for over an hour both times. This isn’t slacking, in my opinion. In fact, I’ve been working very hard and I know he does too. The fact is, though, this isn’t a high pressure enviornment. If we want to relax and get to know each other better for an hour or so, we have the luxury to do so.

God that’s nice.

Just stopping by the old place again stressed me out as I picked up on all the tension there. The receptionist breaking into tears in front of me over her frustration with the accountant, the mysterious problems the head programmer was telling me about that have all the customers screaming, the resentment that I felt them shooting towards Brian when he was telling me about the brand new Ford F250 of his that was sitting in front of the office. I was there for 20 minutes and it was 19 minutes and 30 seconds too long.

I can’t handle that kind of stress anymore. And now I don’t have to.

Well, I have fifteen minutes until I’m called at rehearsal, so I’m going to wrap this up now. I hope it was long enough for those of you who have been snapping at my heels for reading material. 🙂

Oh, as maladr1n did on his journal, I’d like to take a moment to ask you cats to make every effort you can to come see us in Cloud 9. It could be my last show for a while.

I’ll explain that one later. Let’s just say that my son isn’t too keen on the idea of me doing a show in a place that he thinks is haunted.

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