May 052003

Ok. So. My first day was…really boring.

Exceedingly so.

I spent most of it in training. Training that included some sort of video course geared towards tellers. All about cutsomer service. You know, because I’m going to be talking to SO many customers in my job. I did my best to stay awake. Even ate a few krispy kreme doughnuts. Didn’t really work, though.

Oh, but I found out something incredibly cool today. I knew that this company put 8% into retirement funds, but I thought it was matching. I was wrong. There are two different types of accounts. They put 5% into one, and 3% into another – regardless of how much you invest in them. So, even if I put NOTHING into those accounts, I’ll still get the equivalent of 8% of my gross income invested for me each year.

Can I say again how much I’m loving this job?

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