May 052003

Well, today is the day. New job. New direction in life. Actually got up with the alarm (ok, two alarms and a wake up call from Verizon) this morning. Walked two miles. Getting ready to go smoke a cigarette and take a shower. Should be out of the house by 7. At work very early. This is a good thing.

While I was walking this morning, the song “Black” by Pearl Jam came across my head phones. I found that somewhat symbolic. I lost my virginity to that song. That started a new chapter in my life. So does the fact that I’m starting this job today.

Went to Sam’s birthday party yesterday. It was a simple gathering of some of Sam’s friends, sitting around eating and talking, and exactly what Sam wanted. I have to admit, surrounding yourself by your friends is truly a great way to celebrate your birthday. But my friends are allowed to bring me crap if they want to.

I played quite a bit of Everquest this weekend, and you know what? I don’t feel bad about it at all. I had a great time, and I didn’t spend money going out that I didn’t have (like I did on Friday night). I think the one serious advantage I see to a game like Everquest is that at the very least you are still being social. Sure, it’s sitting in your house by yourself social, but there ARE real people on the other side of the screen. Last night I got to hang out with Annie for a while in game. That was cool. We really haven’t talked much or played together since she came down to visit. Things got a little strange there for a few days after that, but we seem to be getting along well again. Hope that keeps up. I really enjoy her company.

I have, yet again, found the Tori Amos shirt I have been chasing after for almost two years now. I put a bid up on it last week. I set my max bid at 50 bucks. If someone is going to snipe me for more than that they can have the fucking thing. Yes, I know, that is a lot of money to spend on a concert t-shirt. But I had three shirts that I loved when I lost weight the first time. My Tori shirt, my Jello Biafra shirt, and my King Missle shirt. I have replaced the Jellol shirt. I still need to find the other two. It’s a very symbolic purchase. It’s like I see it as getting back everything I had before, and being prepared to move on from there. Except my hair. Don’t think that is coming back anytime soon.

Ok, it’s off to the shower for me. I’ll update when I get home!

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