Mar 012003

Ok…so…if anyone feels the need to ask me at night if I’ve taken my meds, I promise not to bitch about it.


I managed to hold myself together through the audition last night, and actually did well enough to have Ami cast me in a part before I even left. Once I got in the car, however, I completely fell abart. That was one rough ride home. I probably shouldn’t even have been on the road. I stopped by mom’s house to pick up a check she had for me and I had to explain what was going on to her. I think she handled it pretty well, but she was obviously concerned. I got home last night, prepared to just hide, but I decided to call Robin first. Talking to her helped a lot. She then ordered me to get people to come over and hang out with me, so I called Alex, Trish and Ross. Alex and Trish brought me a cheddar bacon cheeseburger and onion rings from Sonic, and after eating that and hanging around with my friends for a few hours I almost felt like a human being again.

And this morning, I’m fine.

So my outlook is much rosier this morning. I’m really excited to have been cast in Cloud 9. The cast is amazing, and there are several people in it who I’ve seen perform but never had the chance to work with. In the second act I’m playing a homosexual. Again. I was going to say for the first time, but now I’m remembering Harrold Gorringe in Black Comedy. Oh, and in the first act I’m playing a black man.

You’ll just have to come see the show.

I’m going up to Jacksonville for a party next weekend. A friend of the Jacksonville crew is going away to the army, and they are going to send him off with a bang. Should be fun. And of course I’ll get to see Robin. Hopefully I’m going to be able to get them to come down some time in the next six weeks. The Renaissance Festival starts next weekend, and I can get them in if they make it down here. They didn’t get to go to Hoggetowne, so they HAVE to be jonesing for a show, right?


Oh, and I think I decided this morning that I no longer wish to work in the Information Technology industry. Not that I’m quitting or anything, but I’m gonna talk to a counsellor about changing my major. Maybe switch over to education. I just can’t handle these people anymore.

More on that later.

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