Jan 252003

So, after a hearty dinner at P.J.’s (ahh, those grouper sandwiches) we trekked out to The Castle yet again. Strange vibe in the group tonight, though. Nobody seemed really interested in being there. I danced to two songs, if that. More like one and a half.

I did, however, notice an odd phenomenon in myself.

I didn’t dress up tonight. Hell, I didn’t even shave. Had on jeans, t-shirt and my converse. Trish started giving me shit about it, and my response was “hey, I don’t need to impress anyone tonight. I’m not on the prowl anymore.” Not that I don’t enjoy getting all fancied up for the club, but it wasn’t quite the pressing issue tonight. Anyway, I noticed that when I got on the dance floor in my converse I did a lot more bouncing.

A lot.

Like doing all that jumping around on one leg and flailing the other around shit.

I’m sure I looked like a complete goober when I did it, but I just couldn’t keep my feet on the ground. My chucks are considerably lighter than my boots, and it made a real difference when I was dancing. I’ll have to remember that. If I’m in a mood to really dance hard, I’ll have to wear the chucks.

And I was in a mood to dance hard tonight.

Actually, I was in a mood to do one of two other things…but as neither of them were an option I settled for dancing.

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