Jan 162003

Well, I just wrote my first java program. Mind you, it was just the equivalent of the standard “Hello World” text that is in every programming book, but still…I’m on the path anyway. I just got a new Java book today, along with a book about using Java and XML together. Couple that with the XML book that I already have and I should be adding some pretty valuable skills to my resume.

Robin was really upset tonight, and unfortunately there wasn’t anything I could do for her. I hate that. I hate it when I can’t help a friend in pain, and it’s even worse when that person is four hours away and you can’t even give them a hug. I thought being apart from her when things were good was hard. This is worse.

We’ll get used to it in time, I’m sure. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Doesn’t matter, though. I don’t care how hard it is. She’s worth it.

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