Jan 092003

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I got this incredible headache last night. It happens very, very infrequently which means it probably isn’t as bad as it felt, but I’m not used to them. It lasted for about 4 hours, through a Tiger Cubs meeting. That was fun. Nothing like a room full of screaming kids to make a headache better.

I wonder, sometimes, why I let little things that my son does get to me so much. He’s a good kid. No, he’s beyond a good kid. He’s pretty much an angel. Does what he is told, when he is told. Doesn’t talk back. Doesn’t have bad manners. None of the things that would normally drive a parent nuts.

But last night he kept taking his shoe off.

I told him not to do it. He did it again. This kept going on throughout the meeting. It’s not the first time this has happened, either. I’ve had this running thing with him since he got these shoes. He also does the same thing when he is wearing a jacket and it’s cold out. He pulls it down off his shoulders, I tell him to put it back on. Five minutes later it’s off his shoulders.

And I get angry.

Not annoyed.

Not frustrated.


I don’t understand why. Am I that much of a perfectionist? Am I that rigid in my ways that I cannot tolerate the least bit of absent minded behavior from my son?

Now maybe last night I got worse because of the fact that I had such a horrible headache. It’s certainly a possibility. And before you all start asking, no I did not yell at him or lose my temper. I closed my eyes, made an effort to relax, and kissed him on the forehead. Proceeded to work with him on his scrap book and it passed. I did, however, tell him that I didn’t want him wearing those shoes anymore. He got a brand new pair for Christmas and I want him to start wearing those. They won’t come off as easily. He tells me that he doesn’t realize he is taking them off, so I’m going to ease my frustrations by having him wear shoes that don’t slip off his feet.

Those shoes are damned dirty anyway.

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