Sep 132002

So last night, as I suspected, I already began to see the benefits of deciding to take the small part offered to me in “A Streetcar Named Desire.” I went to O’Keefe’s with Scottie afterwords, and after long bouts of reminiscing about when we did “Alice In Wonderland” together, she mentioned the fact that she was doing a musical version of “Aladdin” next summer. She talked about how she was going to need someone to play the sorcerer. Someone who had an imposing stage presence. Someone who would look good in a huge cape and long flowing robes. Someone with a wicked smile. Someone who could sing. She then looked at me and winked.

Gotta love the way the theater works.

Sounds like it could be a fun role. The character (who’s name I have is not Jafar) is a total over the top bad guy. No redeemable qualities. No attempts to justify his actions as being right. No misguided notions. Just a real snake. Good. I want to play someone like that. Have wanted to for a very long time, in fact. Pilate is the closest I’ve gotten to a real bad guy, and while he is one of the antagonists in “Jesus Christ Superstar” he is far from a bad guy.

So next summer should prove to be interesting.

Scottie is also going to be directing “Romeo and Juliet” soon. Mercutio is another role I’ve always wanted to sink my teeth into, and it would be nice to actually do some Shakespeare.

I’ve debated talking about the fact that I’m going into therapy on my live journal, but (as you can tell by now) I’ve decided to go ahead and do it. This thing has proved to be a therapy of sorts for me anyway, so I figure it’s only right that I include how I’m dealing with things off of the net here as well. On Tuesday at 3PM I’m finally going to see a psychologist. The truth of the matter is that I’ve needed to for a very long time. Not only am I pretty sure I’ve got a chemical imbalance of some sort in my shiny little head, but I’ve got a lot of issues from my past that I haven’t really dealt with in a satisfactory manner. Especially in the last few years. I lost a lot of people that were important to me in a very brief time. I went through a divorce. I was laid off and unemployed for months. I might have had a stroke (the jury is still out on that one). All of these factors combined have led up to me being a generally unhappy person these days. I’m ok when I’m with people. Talking. Doing things. But when I’m idle and the wheels in my head start turning, I have a tendency to get very, very depressed.

Oh, I also opened my account back up on Sent out a few emails. I’ve got 7 days to cancel before they charge my card, so we’ll see what happens. That shit has actually contributed to my depression in the past, so it might just make things worse. I figure now that I’ve got some decent pictures I might be able to at least get someone to write me back, right?

whoa…ain’t that a bitch…I just checked my hotmail…and I got a response…

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