Sep 072002

I bought a pair of jeans for $1.98 today. Brand new jeans. From a store in the mall called Gadzooks. They had this table of super reduced clearance clothing, and they had a pair of jeans in my size for $1.98. I couldn’t believe it, nor could I pass it up. They’re kind of “raver” jeans, but I don’t give a damn. They only cost $1.98!

Like my recent Wal-Mart gushing, this yet again emphasizes to me how fucking much I love the fact that I’ve lost 170 pounds. Never, ever, would I have found a pair of size 60 jeans for $1.98. Nowhere. Not even a thrift store.

The whole shopping trip was amazing. That was the only item of clothing I bought, but I went into 4 different stores and tried on shirts. In the MALL.

Life is so different when you aren’t huge. Unfairly so, but that doesn’t mean I can’t relish in it.

I’ve been listening to The Cruxshadows almost non-stop since I got back from Dragon Con. What an amazing band. I have some of their lyrics from the song “Spectators” as my new signature line for e-mail :

“and everyone will say ‘I told you so’
yeah they’ll all just nod and sigh
but I’ll make a run at something real
and they’ll never even try
and everyone will say ‘I told you so’
yeah they’ll all just nod and sigh
as I go down in a ball of flames
they’ll just watch, I wonder why”

Oh man, wanna talk about missed opportunities?? Fieryredhead mentioned on her live journal that a guy dressed as Obi Wan came through the curtains at the costume contest singing “Come What May” to her and that she swooned. Damnit! I was going to do that, but I figured that a big bald guy in chains coming at her and singing “All You need is love!” would be a bit much! Grrr! I also don’t look a damn thing like Ewan. Could have been a bit much for her.

It could also be that I’m a big weenie.

It’s funny. I have NO problem being bold when I’m not the one with my ego on the line. I totally hooked Lee Lee up with a guy over the weekend by walking up to him and saying “Yo, dude. What’s your name? Jeff? Jeff, see that girl over there? She’s been sweating you all fucking weekend. Her name is Lee Lee. Go talk to her.” But when I’M the one who could get egg on his face I get all stupid. Feh.

Auditions for “Streetcar Named Desire” are tomorrow night. I’m going to get as rugged and “manly” as I can for the audition. Wear a wife-beater and my combat boots, probably won’t shave. I’d really like to play Stanley. Unfortunately, the fact that Scottie knows me might have me pegged for Mitch if I get cast. Which wouldn’t suck, but I would love to take a stab at that “Stella!!” line.

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