Sep 042002

Ok, so have you ever gotten a confusing set of directives? What’s more, have you ever gotten them at the same time? This happened to me today.

I was having two different Instant Messenger conversations with friends of mine online. At just about the exact same time, I had one of them tell me I was too nice, and the other one told me I was being a dick. I swear I actually sat there and stared at my monitor in awe. I really couldn’t believe it.

I especially couldn’t believe I was hearing the nice thing, particularly in the way it was worded to me. The person in question actually told me that she dates assholes. She flat out said that.

10 out of 10 for honesty, but damn. What the hell kind of life is that?

Then, what’s more, is that I get the dick comment from someone who once told me she had only dated assholes in the past, and would never do so again.

SO…I get told I’m nice from someone who only dates assholes, and I get told I’m being a dick from someone who only dates nice guys.

There are some days when you just aren’t going to win, so you might as well give the hell up and not even try.

I should have the Dragon Con and Jesus Christ Superstar photo sections up on my site tomorrow morning. I have to burn a disc before I go to work and upload them when I get in. I have the galleries done, but I don’t have comments or captions on them yet. Not sure if I am actually going to have those up, but the pictures will be there at the very least.

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