Aug 242002

After a night of absolutely blissful sleep I am getting ready to face yet another grueling day here in Seattle. Yes, I say that with tongue completely in cheek just to piss off all of you who are reading my little chronicle and absolutely hating me. After I woke up this morning, I wandered up stairs and found a pot of coffee brewed and ready for me on the counter. Uncle Mike and Aunt Maureen had left to go for a walk, so I made myself a cup and wandered outside for a bit. The weather is gorgeous this morning. I would estimate the temperature to be in the high sixties to low seventies. I’ve seen several squirrels and a whole lot of birds already this morning. Uncle Mike has the place surrounded by feeders. I’ll try and get some exterior shots of his house before I leave tomorrow morning.

Spoke on the phone for a bit with Karen and Holly earlier. Holly rolled into town on Wednesday night for her Grandmother’s 99th birthday party, so we just missed each other. I’m kinda bummed about that, but I’ll get to see her next weekend at Dragon Con so I’m not totally going to miss out. Karen had a bit of a shindig last night, and when she called everyone was up and eating waffles. It actually made me want to be there a little. But only just a little.

I’m actually going to go see if I can jump on Uncle Mike’s computer so I can check my email, but only because I need to send my itinerary to Karen. Then it’s off to play.

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