Aug 162002

Ugh…I can hardly see straight right now.

I’ve been working on the Washing Well Wenches site for the last two hours, trying to get a mad dash done so I can have some pictures on their site by (hopefully) the end of the weekend. Dani called me the other day, and in her very non-aggressive way explained to me that Michigan (where they currently are) is where they get the most requests for pictures and products. So now I have a fire under my ass to get this thing up as soon as possible. Oh yeah, she’s also sending me some money. That doesn’t hurt the cause, either.

Last night, Alex and I got into a discussion about tornadoes. He was very worried that the storm that was coming was going to include a tornado. After much grilling, I finally got to the heart of his concerns.

He is afraid of dying.

He started crying on me, because he doesn’t want to die.

Why does a six year old have to start having these thoughts? Is this the “gift” he’s blessed with because of his high intellect? Is he going to start questioning God by the time he’s 10? We’re talking about the same child who told me once that he knew God was real, because “I was standing on the mountain and I looked out and saw how everything was beautiful and I knew I was looking at God.” This was almost a YEAR AGO.

I guess it just reminds me that he’s getting older. That’s he’s going to start worrying about this kind of thing. That, already, that veil of innocence is getting lifted from his eyes and he is realizing there are scary things in the world.

I see this, and I hate it. I’m afraid he’s going to become a bitter and cynical son of a bitch like his old man.

Edited on August 28th, 2002

Alex’s soon-to-be Step Father read this and informed me that the place where Alex “saw God” was Chimney Rock in North Carolina. This is a picture of what it is that Alex saw.

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