Aug 122002

Well, I “outed” myself to the person I mentioned in my journal yesterday. For those of you who were wondering, it was indeed opheliasphoenix. I really couldn’t stand to sit back and watch the hateful things being said about her without piping in my two cents.

AND completely making light of the situation. Which is, of course, my style.

Make ’em laugh, Mikey.

So I’ve been REALLY cranky today. I guess I partied a bit too hard this weekend. A big group of AIM users thought it would be funny to start warning each other (for those who don’t know, a warning is something you can do to someone who is annoying you on AIM. If they get too many, you get logged off). It really got under my skin. I had people IM’ing me all day asking why I was warned. I almost got to the point of yelling at Eve when she was laughing about it to me. Quite uncharacteristic of me, for sure.

I guess I just need some sleep, so on that note….

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