Aug 082002

Well, things are looking a little brighter this evening. I’m getting an advance from my boss to cover the current unpaid bills, and he is letting me pay it off over the next six weeks. The best part about the advance is that he gave me NO grief about it at all. In fact, he was a little put off about the fact that I was hesitant to ask him.

It made me feel important, you know? I’m a needed piece of the machinery at work, and he wants to keep me happy. That makes me feel good. It certainly validates me as a programmer. Now, if only we could get some increases and more vacation days…

On another note, I’ve decided that the song “I’m Not a Virgin Anymore” is the sexiest song ever written. I’ve had the CD for a while, but I’ve never really listened to that song closely. Faeriegrrrl sent me a mix CD recently that included the song, and while listening to it in my car I got absolute chills. That Poe…she’s something special.

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