Aug 072002

I got paid today. Not an incredible paycheck, but certainly nothing to slouch at. I paid off some bills, and when I was done I had sixty dollars left in my account.

I have 600 dollars worth of bills that went unpaid.

This is starting to really get to me. I’m working my ass off and I’m falling farther and farther in the hole. I tried to back out of Dragon Con, because I really can’t afford it, but Brooks insisted that I go, and I really don’t want to let him down. Not to mention the fact that if I don’t get some kind of break from my daily routine soon I’m going to go insane.

I just want this financial struggle to end. I talked to my boss today about the possibility of an increase, and his answer at this point is that I can work overtime. I’ll try, but I have a hard enough time keeping my life in order without spending extra hours at work.


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