Aug 052002

After moving all of my Soabpox entries from my web site at, I am no officially in Live Journal land. I spent way too much time last night working on the javascript that integrates my Live Journal with my web site, and I’m almost to the point where I’m ready to include that as well. So prepare yourselves, Live Journal users! Critus has arrived!

Hrm…That wasn’t the least bit egocentric, was it?

So today I really upset one of my closer online friends. She was telling me about the problems she is having with her boyfriend. To sum up, he’s moving away soon and he’s confusing her as to how he feels about the whole situation. Whether or not he wants to continue afterward.

I forgot one of my golden rules of talking to my female friends when they have a problem. I got analytical on her. I talked to her like I was talking to a man. I tried to offer solutions and insight instead of just letting her rant.

I told her, in essence, that maybe her boyfriend really didn’t love her.

Yeah, I know. Utterly brilliant move, that one was. Needless to say she wasn’t pleased with me, and from that point on she didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. This is someone who I normally talk to just about all day long. Thing is, I don’t feel she is unjustified in her ire with me. I said a stupid, boneheaded thing. I didn’t think about what I said before I said it, and I made someone who was already feeling shitty feel considerably worse.

Great move on my part.

In better news, my mood has increased dramatically, thanks in no small part to the sheer number of concerned emails and phone calls I received from people who read my last soapbox entry. It’s nice to know so many people care, but I feel really bad for worrying them. I think people thought I was going to hurt myself. That, my friends, was never the case. I wouldn’t do that to my family and friends. I was just very down, and very tired, and needed some rest. Again, however, I thank you all for your concern.

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