Jul 312000

I’ve been given a lot of shit for not following up to the reunion as soon as I could have. Ok, I wasn’t given a lot of shit, but one of you sent me an email asking about it, and since I have about 6 people that have visited the site, that is a pretty high percentage. So, with respect to those visitors, I now present MY REVIEW OF THE REUNION!

It was actually a lot of fun. I went with my old pal and web mistress, Eve. Who looked fabulous, by the way. In fact, if I can, I’ll post a picture of the two of us there. I have to get one from her.

I saw Bill Stanely, and he looks great. He’s doing great. Same with Christine Lavender (now McCellum). In fact, Eve and I went to her house afterwards. We spent most of the evening with her and Amy Allen, truth be told. It was nice. It was beyond nice. It was FUN! So for those of you who didn’t go from the class of 1990, you should make sure you go to the next one. It’s worth it.

In other news…

I’m sure several of you were expecting to see me go off here about the fact that my wife recently left here. I don’t have the energy. All I’m going to do to cover that particular area in my life you will find on my Ravings Of A Madman page. My feelings are summed up pretty well there.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that…

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